Born in Englewood, NJ from Colombian parents, Felipe Contreras, a first generation American, is a Veteran form the United States Marine Corps.  His life travels have exposed him to all three coasts in the United States as well as South America along with the Middle East and Asia.

He brings those life experiences to his work, combining contemporary language, iconic imagery, and a touch of humor. By utilizing common symbols and juxtaposing them with iconography from the past and the present, Felipe brings forward current socioeconomic issues to the forefront.

The product that is the result of said combinations creates an open line of communication and sets the stage for the viewers to engage in civil discourse. In the end, Felipe’s goal is for the viewer to have been visually and intellectually stimulated.


2005                 B.F.A. Painting, University of Houston, Houston, TX

2016               The Streets Are Dangerous [BE SOMEONE] Houston, Texas, September 23
                        Known and Underknown. Houston, Texas, April 20 - September 12
                         The Hunting Art Prize 2016 Finalist. Houston, Texas, April 30
                         fell-LEE-pay. Mariago Collective, Houston, Texas April 22 - May 13
                         Under the Gun. Esperson Gallery, Houston, Texas, January 29 - March 4

2015               Reincarnation. Art Car Museum, Houston, Texas, September 19 December 19
                         The BIG Show. Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas, July 10 -August 8
                         Open Air Artfest (winner). The Mariago Collective, Houston, Texas, June 17
                         Luck of the Draw.  DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas, May 14 - June 13

2014               Dia de los Muertos. Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas October 20
                         Curated Show:
                         Fantastic Imagination: Fighting Complacency.  Mariago Collective, Houston,
                         Texas, October 25 - November 29
                         Curated Show:
                        Four Worlds.
  Mariago Collective, Houston, Texas, September 13 - Oct 11
                         Luck of the Draw.  DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas, May 15 - June 14
                         Conflict of Interest. PEVETO, Houston, Texas, February 8 - March 9

2013               Salon des Refuses.  BLUEorange, Houston, Texas, July 19 - August 9
                         FunkMotor. PEVETO/ UP Art Studio, Houston, Texas, July 13 - August 10
                         The BIG Show. Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas, July 12
                         Thank You Houston! Group Show.  East End Studio Gallery.  Houston,  
                         The Hunting Art Prize 2013 Finalist. Houston, Texas July 7
                         Luck of the Draw.  DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas, May 2 and May 4
                         Contemporary Art Month 2013. 107 Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, March 2
2012                Dia de los Muertos. Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas, October 22 - Nov 10
                          Eye Candy. Poissant Gallery, Houston, Texas, October 5 - 27
                          Lucha X Vida. East End Studio Gallery, Houston, Texas, September 14 - 28
                          Luck of the Draw.  DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas, March 18

2011                Redefinition 8, An Artistic Experience. Ensemble Theater, Houston, Texas, December 30
                          The BIG Show. Lawndale, Houston, Texas, July 1 - 30
                          Salon Des Refuses. Gallery M Squared, Houston, Texas, July 1 - 9

2010                Redefinition 7, An Artistic Experience. Ensemble Theater, Houston, Texas, December 30
                          Tattoo/Taboo. Poissant Gallery, Houston, Texas, July 10 - August 14

2009                Filtered.  Poissant Gallery, Houston, Texas, November 6 - 28

2008                A Time For Change. Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, Texas, Sept. 20 - Nov. 4

2007                BBAP 2007 XMAS Tree Show. Wortham Center, Houston, Texas, Dec 1- Jan 4
                          My God Told Me To Kill Your God.  Rice University, Houston, Texas, October
                          Art Of War.  Poissant Gallery, Houston, Texas, September 7 - 28